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10 Free Screen-Sharing Apps for Remote Work


Virtual meetings have become common today as more and more people embrace the culture of working from home. To make this possible, you require a reliable screen-sharing application.

Screen-sharing apps are very helpful when a company’s staff members need to hold a virtual meeting, either to do presentations, demos, or brainstorm and ideate. They’re also very helpful for customer support services eliminating the need for meeting in person. The apps allow the other people to see, give directions, or control the customer’s screen remotely. Remote screen-sharing apps save time and cost, and eliminate any confusion from either end. The conversation can be made more interactive, the cursor to click, highlight, and scroll.

10 free screen-sharing tools

In this part of this article, we are going to look at 10 of the best screen-sharing apps that are available for free.

1) Zoom Screen-Sharing

This is considered to be one of the best screen sharing apps in the market. It allows seamless communications for businesses via video calls. It also simplifies real-time messaging and makes content sharing easier during video conferencing. Zoom allows for up to 1,000 participants and viewers in the video call.


Its built-in collaboration tools and end-to-end encryption are out of this world. Other admirable features are:

  • Possibility of company branding
  • High-quality HD and unbeatable audio
  • Integration with Microsoft

Zoom has unparalleled usability and is guaranteed to boost a company’s performance by improving team engagement.

2) Skype Screen Sharing

This app is supported on both Android and iOS. It allows users to hold both video and audio calls and share photos as well as PowerPoint presentations. The recording feature allows users to capture the sound and what’s happening on the screen for future reference. If you want to start screen-sharing during a live video call, press the Plus Symbol button.


Skype screen-sharing for cloud-based audio and video recording comes with anti-malware protection to protect your PC. The end-to-end security on this app is something to be admired.

3. Google Hangouts Screen Sharing

This screen-sharing app uses smart and advanced features to bring conversations to life. To use the screen-sharing features on Google, you have to choose “Full-Screensharing," which then prompts you to choose Fullscreen or other apps and then select “Start Screen-sharing.”

If you wish to share something else apart from your entire screen, you first have to navigate back to Hangouts, terminate the screen share, then re-open it and select what you would like to share. You can easily switch from sharing the screen to specific apps.

The Google Hangouts app allows for multi-user calls, and its interface is very lightweight.

4. Facebook Workplace

This allows users to share the whole desktop or select a specific application window. To share your screen using the Facebook Workplace app, you first need to download a chrome extension that enables you to share your screen privately.

If the app is acting up on your device, you need to look up ways on how to speed up your computer.

5) TeamViewer

This is a well-known all-in-one solution that lets you control your work computer remotely. This app is also great for virtual meetings, offering support remotely, and collaborating on projects.

TeamViewer offers fast and secure connections for all the guests, no matter what operating system they use. This app is quite flexible - it has an interface that allows users to connect to meetings without having to download and install the program. This interface is very easy to use and strongly encrypted too.

6) Troop Messenger

This screen-sharing app is considered to be the best at screen-sharing for Windows OS. If you were previously experiencing problems with Windows, look for Windows error solutions before using it.

Troop Messenger allows its users to share their screens during a chat conversation. The person on the other end sees everything that’s going on and any changes that are being made in real-time. The app is great for showing presentations, videos, images, and other types of documents and files.

7) Remote Utilities

This is yet another popular tool that is used for screen-sharing and remote access. Remote Utilities is very powerful and can bypass even the most robust NAT devices and firewalls. It can only support Windows computers and simultaneously supports multiple devices (up to 10 devices for the free version). 

Other excellent features on Remote Utilities include Address Book synching. It also grants you unattended access, which allows you to remotely manage a computer even when the person on the other end isn't there.

If you use it with a phone, you can only be connected as a viewer.

8) ShowMyPC

This special app is sorely focused on screen-sharing. It may be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux and features a relatively easy to use interface. If all you’re looking for is an app that lets you share your screen, then this would do just fine.

ShowMyPC lets users take screenshots and schedule meetings. It also offers Android phone support. The upside is that you don’t need to install the app. All you need to run the app is to launch it. On the downside, the website is not the easiest to navigate.

9) MingleView

This is a Windows-based screen-sharing app that is quite outstanding. The application is not only easy to download and install, but it also allows unlimited participants. Users don't need to register or sign up, making it very easy to use.

MingleView also boasts of high screen quality and a secure connection built over SSL. The fact that you get all its features for free is quite impressive.

10) AnyDesk

Last on our list is the AnyDesk app that offers most of the features an ordinary computer user would need. Connecting devices using AnyDesk is straightforward. 

Besides the fact that the app offers screen-sharing and remote access, it also lets users share files between two computers and supports audio and video transmission.


Screen-sharing apps are handy and proven to be very useful across different industries by making collaboration and support very easy. Keeping in mind that there are several options in the market for you to choose from, there are several factors that you need to put into consideration, such as the ease of use and the in-built features. For example, are you looking for an app that sorely has the screen-sharing feature, or are you looking for a dynamic app with all the nice-to-have additional features like live chat, audio messaging, location tracking, calling, and file sharing? The choice is up to you, and you have so many options to choose from.

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