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10 Web Design Tips to Drive Sales


Ranking high in the search engine results pages is a clear indication that your optimization efforts are working. The same goes for an uptick in traffic to your website. And if you see robust sales, then you can say without any reservation that your online business is on the right track to success.

However, not all webmasters with high SERP rankings and considerable traffic are enjoying substantial sales. Some may not even be selling anything off at all.

While great rankings and traffic are primary ingredients for a successful business online, having both is not a guarantee of one. If you have both, but sales are weak to non-existent, perhaps you might want to look at other possible reasons, like your web design practices.

Some people may not realize it, but web design plays a role in achieving conversions. SEO might get people to see and click the link to your website in the SERPs, but once they’re there, it’s your web design that will be crucial to getting visitors to stay and, hopefully, give you the conversions you need.

Conversely, a website’s design can also drive people away, especially when it doesn’t give visitors the best user experience.

So, what should you with your web design to have a positive impact on your sales? Here are ten web design tips that can help you do just that.

1. A well-conceived landing page

Your landing page is your primary lead generation tool. To ensure it does its job, write a strong headline for your landing page. It could also use a stunning image that immediately grabs attention. You must also spell out how visitors can benefit from your offer. Top it all off with a solid call to action and a contact form that asks for the most basic information and not much else.

2. A highly visible call-to-action (CTA) button

A call-to-action (CTA) button is pretty much pointless if people can’t even see it. So, place it in a highly visible spot like above the fold. It must also be red or orange to make sure it stands out on the page.

3. Use color psychology.

Color psychology is a sub-field of behavioral psychology that studies the associations between colors and human emotions and values. Put these behavioral associations to good use by using them in your web design to elicit the reaction you want.

If you’re having a sale of your product or service, red should create a sense of urgency among your visitors. Are you selling something that gives cheer? Yellow can magnify all that to make visitors feel a little fuzzy inside.

4. Short contact forms

Nothing is more annoying than a contact form that’s so long it practically asks for your entire life history. No one likes filling out lengthy forms, so rein yourself in and ask only for names, email addresses, and zip codes. Ask for more, and you can bet those visitors will bounce off to another site.

5. Customer testimonials

The best people to sing our praises would be the people who actually paid for the products or services we’re offering and gave them a spin. So, if you’re receiving positive and encouraging comments from your customers, consider putting them all in one page dedicated to their testimonials. It would be even better if they can provide their full names and photos to ensure that they’re genuine customers providing genuine testimonials.

6. Speed up website load speeds.

Customers seem to be getting more impatient by the day. Five seconds of waiting for a website to load used to be acceptable, but not anymore. These days, loading speed that goes beyond two seconds already leads to greater bounce rates.

Considering how much graphics and photos slow downloading times, make it a point to minimize their file sizes without sacrificing quality. There are many other tricks that optimize web loading speed, such as minification and switching to faster web hosting, so check them out as well.

7. Improved navigation

The longer people stay within your website, the better the chances that they’re going to give you the leads and conversions you need. However, if navigating your site takes too much of an effort, they will drop it as soon as they can. So make navigating your site easier by taking care of your sitemaps and putting up a working search feature, among other things.

8. Show your badges if you’ve got them.

If you have already received trust, security, and awards badges, then don’t be too shy about displaying them prominently on your Home Page. With such badges, visitors will know that your site is credible on many levels and will likely spend time exploring your website and, hopefully, give you the ultimate conversion—sales.

9. Post videos.

Over half of worldwide web traffic today is video. By 2020, it will be at 80%. Videos have always been the most engaging type of content you can put up. Aside from being informative and entertaining, videos are also good for reducing your bounce rates, as they naturally make people stay longer so they can watch what you have prepared for them.

10. Make your site mobile-friendly.

By now, all websites should be mobile-friendly, if only for the fact that billions—trillions even—of dollars have been exchanging hands thanks to mobile users, who have long outnumbered desktop users. Whether it’s actual online purchases or offline ones, mobile has been crucial to making all those sales possible. It’s only logical then for businesses to have mobile-friendly versions of their websites.

So far, the top way to go mobile is to adopt a responsive design for your website. With responsive mobile design, your website will display well across all mobile devices, increasing your chances of getting a piece of that trillion-dollar pie yourself.

While tweaking your web design is not a guarantee that your sales will go through the roof, it can improve your chances of achieving your sales goals. So, give them a try and see what happens.

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