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4 Ways Programmatic Advertising Affects the Growth of Your Small Business


How well are you promoting your business? If you haven’t employed programmatic advertising yet, you are missing out on numerous benefits.

Programmatic advertising is the new word in the digital promotion realm. It can put your service in front of your target audience with just a few clicks. This automated advertising approach has been adopted by numerous small businesses all over the world.

Can you run your business without programmatic advertising? You can.

Can you run it more effectively than your competition? Unlikely. According to Dun & Bradstreet report, 65 percent of B2B marketers indicated they currently buy or sell advertising programmatically.

We’ve come up with four ways this type of advertising can help you grow your small business. Once you take advantage of this method, you are bound to discover a few more.

1. Cutting Costs

The most talked about benefit of programmatic advertising is its ability to cut costs. It does it in several different ways:

  • By automating ad placement on and offline, this type of advertising allows marketers to spend less time on manual ad space search. Meanwhile, they don’t waste time negotiating ad space cost. As a result, marketing specialists don’t work overtime to improve the campaign, thus saving you money on salaries.
  • By making bids to find the most suitable yet cheapest ad space, the software saves you a substantial amount of money. Sometimes, you can acquire ad space at a small fraction of its initial price.
  • By offering the ability to change the campaign direction in real time, programmatic advertising helps you cut campaign costs.
  • By providing the ability to analyze the campaign in real time, the software allows you to make quick decisions about the direction your marketing efforts are taking. Thus, you can avoid spending money on an inefficient campaign.

While you are paying for the use of programmatic advertising services, you are cutting the overall costs of your marketing campaign substantially.

Different programmatic advertising platforms offer different pricing options. Even a start-up with a limited budget can find a suitable model for its needs.

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

The right approach to increasing brand awareness can make a difference between a dying company and a flourishing business. Branding becomes easier with programmatic advertising if you know how to approach it.

The software you use for programmatic advertising allows you to place your ads right in front of the target audience. All you need to do is identify the clients’ parameters and share them with the program.

The program finds a place your target audience visits most often and makes a bid for the ad space. If your budget allows, you win the ad space and the potential customers see it immediately.

An automated approach to brand awareness doesn’t just help you reach as many clients as possible, it allows you to avoid costly mistakes.

3. Outdoing The Competition

Programmatic advertising allows a small business to stay ahead of the competition. By using this approach, you can analyze the way your marketing campaign works in real time. You are constantly getting information about its efficiency.

By adjusting the campaign quickly, you can reach your target audience quicker and more efficiently. For businesses that don’t take advantage of programmatic advertising adjusting the campaign is much tougher.

According to programmatic advertising experts at Warroom Inc., while your competition is dealing with the result of an inefficient campaign, you are reaping the benefits of your efforts.

With programmatic advertising, you can optimize your digital marketing campaign since you get access to market dynamics.

4. Reducing Marketing Efforts

Marketing is one of the costliest and toughest parts of any small business’ operation. Without the right approach, the company may never become competitive. That’s why businesses tend to spend formidable amounts of money on hiring a marketing team.

Programmatic advertising reduces marketing efforts substantially, thus allowing the company to settle for smaller teams. This approach helps use funds on business growth rather than on marketing.

Automated advertising allows marketing experts to focus on other aspects of the brand awareness campaign.

Final Thoughts

Programmatic advertising is quickly becoming an integral part of many marketing campaigns all over the world. By failing to see its benefits and avoiding this approach, a small business can suffer unpleasant consequences.

Programmatic advertising allows the company to enjoy the benefits of an excellent marketing campaign at a fraction of its cost.

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