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5 Ways Social Media Is a Complete Marketing Solution for Your Business


Marketing is a crucial tool for absolutely any business. How else would your potential customers find out about you, right?

Newer, more efficient marketing tools regularly replace traditional marketing methods. At some point in time, social media marketing was something that businesses would explore hesitantly. However, in this current scenario, social media marketing has turned out to become an essential marketing tool for businesses.

What was once a new concept has now become a norm.

Whether you have a new business that is just getting on its feet, or you already have a stable client base and are looking to make your reach even further, great!

What you need is a complete solution: Social media marketing.

Here are five ways that you can use social media for marketing your business successfully:

1) Pick the Right Platform

There is no shortage of social media platforms on which you can share your content.

But how do you know which platforms to pick for your target audience, and which ones to leave out? And is it that important?

It turns out it is.

When looking for the right platforms for your business, you need first to figure out who your target audience is. The number of social media sites is perpetually growing. You will also notice specific demographics of the audience using certain platforms more than the others.

This is where you use strategy.

First, you need to figure out who your target audience is. For example, if your business caters mostly to young adults who are looking for personalized products with their favourite logos, using Twitter might not be the best option for getting maximum reach. On the other hand, if your business relates more to new parents, baby products, and related information, your target audience will be very different.

Here are a few examples of using the right social media platforms to target specific audiences:

  • If you cater primarily to B2B companies, then using LinkedIn would help you reach more audiences.
  • If you cater to B2C companies, then Facebook might be your ideal option.
  • If your business focuses on retail business and building a customer base, then Instagram and Pinterest are a better suit.
  • For video productions, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube are your best choices.

Of course, you shouldn’t be too rigid with these rules.

Nothing is stopping you from marketing your business on several social media platforms. It could turn out to be a great strategy to do this.

However, remember that it is always better to use the right platforms and target channels for marketing your business, rather than spreading yourself too thin over too many platforms.

To fascinate and captivate your audience, you need to post consistently. Having too many platforms to manage might make this task difficult, and even compromise your quality.

There are specific platforms that are more professional, like LinkedIn, while platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram are informal.

To reach your target audiences, you need to pick and choose the right platforms, and then market your business well (on them).

2) Interact with your audience

A lot of businesses make this common mistake, and it ends up costing them significantly.

While you might choose just the right platforms to reach your target audience, your presence on them is not enough. Audiences love to interact, and you have to play this to your advantage.

How do you do this?

Engage, engage, and engage!

Here is a little secret you should know:

Promoting your products, services, and business is just 25% of what your work is on social media.

What about the rest of the 75%?

It’s all about engagement and interaction.

Posting content which is informative and tells your audience exactly what they need to know about you is just the tip of the iceberg. The real deal begins when you encourage interaction with your viewers, using only a few simple tools. It is recommended that you be as authentic as possible during your interaction. Your audience wants to feel like they are talking to a real person, and not to a robot.

How do you do this?

Ask questions to your audience

Instead of simple close-ended questions like “Do you like X product?” encourage your audiences to talk to you about what they want. Ask them if there is anything that they don’t like or anything they want you to do differently. Leave a comment section on your website where they can reach out to you if they need to.

Comment- and don’t be late!

Nothing can turn off your audiences more than lazy replies and late comments. You have to be on your toes at all times. If someone comments on your posts, comment back as soon as possible. If it is a suggestion, thank them for it and reply. Suppose it is just a post, like it. Don’t be stingy with your likes!

3) Use pictures and videos too

How long do you think you can keep your audience’s attention spans with post after post of content?

Let me tell you;

Not long enough!

Eventually, your audience will get bored and leave your page. And once this starts happening, you will begin losing the audience consistently.

Think about it:

You post some fantastic content for the first week, and then more amazing content again, and they love it. But after the initial two weeks, you notice your likes are dwindling, no one is reposting, and people aren’t spending more than 10 seconds on your page.

Why is this happening?

Because your content is boring!

So how do you fix this?

Visuals! Nothing can capture their attention better than engaging visuals. Start posting pictures and video content. Remember to add a touch of humour to them. The second you can get your audience to laugh, they are hooked!

Video content allows you to say more, without taking too much space on their feed. Observe what kind of content your audience enjoys the most and hire some super creative individuals to create this kind of material for your business.

4) Understanding your Centre of Influence

Firstly, you must understand what your COI is. Then, you can strategize on how to grow it.

So what is your Centre of Influence?

Let’s have a look:

  • Complementary and competitor companies
  • Audiences
  • People
  • Organizations

So your COI are people who can boost your visibility, your market access, and expose you to potential customers.

How can you grow your COI?

Interact! Comment on posts of complementary companies. By doing so, you will get a chance to showcase your expertise and even build good connections. But more importantly, commenting on other companies’ posts will also help you gain more visibility.

What you are commenting is almost essential. You want to build a specific value, trust, and respect amongst your COI. Do this by posting relevant comments and being articulate. If you must write opinions, make sure they are appropriate and well researched. Join forums and discussions which will expose your brand name to other clients.

Social media tools are continually growing and becoming incredibly interactive. Learn about these and make use of them.

Go on your competitor pages and check out what kind of social media tools they are using. Are they hosting polls, Q&A sessions, live streaming? If these tools are helping them gain more visibility, they will help you too.

Facebook Fan Page and Twitter Lists are newly developing features that put all the relevant information into one compact page or list. Use these lists to discover competitor companies as well as potential customers. Comment on posts, like, share, do all of it.

Your COI can quickly grow if you know how to use the right tools in optimal ways. Remember, just because you have the tools, doesn’t mean you know how to use them optimally. You can always learn new tricks and have them up to your sleeve.

5) Addressing problems

It is inevitable.

If you have a business and a social media page, you will have a few negative experiences.

What does your instinct tell you to do? Fight or flight?

Well, it should be none.

When you are dealing with audiences, remember that everyone is not going to react the same way. It feels great to get positive feedback and comments. However, it is not uncommon to come across negative feedback and reactions as well.

You have to know how to address these issues- and you have to do them fast.

Nothing works better than a proactive page.

You need to continuously and meticulously monitor each of your social media pages. If you can’t do all of this yourself, hire social media managers who will do the job for you. You will inevitably spot problems every once in a while. When you do, immediate redressal should be your priority. 

Now, there is one crucial rule to keep in mind:

Apologize publicly, redress privately.

When you spot an issue, immediately offer an apology. Comment on the post by telling the individual that you will solve their problem quickly over a direct message. Direct the individual to your message box, and speak at length about the issue, and how you can rectify it.

How does this help?

Future audiences will notice that you were quick to respond and redress the issue. However, they don’t need to see the specifics of how you did it. All they notice is a quick response and immediate redressal!

The number of social media users is growing by the minute. If your business has to reach all these potential customers, you need to learn the rules of the game; the game being social media! Keep a friendly tone with your audiences, and remember to post content on all of your chosen platforms consistently. This will help you not only grow your customer base but also keep the existing ones happy.

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