How Small Businesses Can Keep Up With Content Demands


Running a small business is often hectic and marketing is one of the biggest demands. But it’s also essential.

With the majority if purchases now occurring online and an increasing amount of local traffic to local businesses being guided by the internet, it really is crucial to make a success of the web.

Web success means ranking well in search engine results. Since SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about keywords and keywords are just that… words… SEO is actually all about content.

There’s no getting away from its importance. To rank well for your niche, your business needs to produce quality content that people a) want to read, b) will share and c) will link to.

But what is ‘quality content’? It used to be that anyone could string 300 words together in a blog, cram it with keywords, post and voila… up the rankings you go. To be frank, I’m glad those days are over, but it does complicate things for your business.

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