5 Tips For Writing A High-Converting Contact Page


I’ve got to nail that contact page”...

… probably not your first thought when creating your new website. But without a clear contact page, you’re going to fall at the final hurdle. You’ve done all the work of showing up in the SERPs (search engine results pages), grabbing people’s attention on social media and getting them through your landing page amped to convert.

But now they’re faced with an uninformative, uninspiring page with a form that would make the most dedicated beaurocrat cry. So, what do they do? The sad truth is, they’ll probably give up and leave – and that’s bad news for you.

Instead of creating a contact page as a half-baked afterthought, give it the attention it deserves right from the start with these 5 tips. 

1) Think about site navigation

Don’t squirrel your contact page away. Think about how and when people might get there and then make that step obvious.

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