So how often should you update your small business blog?


Since I've missed my self-imposed goal of one blog post a week I thought this was a suitable subject for this week's post.

I've done a fair amount of reading and research in an attempt to find an argument that will allow me to let myself off the hook and post a bit less frequently. I can't find one!

"If your updates are more than a week apart, it's about as effective as not blogging at all." According to Megan Totka writing for Small Business Trends. Admittedly, this article is now a couple of years old but it still holds true (a great example of evergreen content which I'll write about another time) and there is ever increasing evidence that blogging is good for driving traffic to your small business website.

  • It's a good way to add fresh content to your website for search engine optimisation
  • It also allows you to demonstrate your knowledge of your sector in a more informal way
  • It provides a very easy forum for you to share current news with your customers
  • It also improves engagement with your audience who will come expect your regular blog posts

The final point is crucial as the frequency with which you post is as important in gaining credibility and nurturing a relationship with your readers as the actual content itself.

Some will advocate quality over quantity and a great post of a good length, supported by accurate statistics and thorough research posted less frequently, say once a month, is better than just throwing a post on your blog for the sake of getting something up there, which is possibly what I'm doing now!

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How to make the most of all your small business website's landing pages


For a long time, your website's Home page was considered the most important landing page on your website. The one to focus all your efforts and where you were going to create that all important first impression.

To a certain extent, this is still true, but visitors are now spending a lot of time on 'about' pages and may even 'land' at other pages of your website like your 'blog' or 'contact' page especially if you are promoting your blog on social media.

While not neglecting the importance of your Home page it's important to focus on these other pages as landing pages.

Review how they may be perceived by a new visitor to your website:

  • What first impression do they create?
  • Is there a clear call to action?
  • Do they encourage visitors to move to other areas of the site?

Include the following to encourage them to move to other pages of your website:

  • Have a clear and prominent message that lets your visitors know exactly what you do as soon as they arrive at the page.
  • Include a contact email address and/or phone number. Consider how your visitors got the site. Is it likely to be from a mobile device? In which case have the phone number easily accessible for direct dial. In fact you should have your contact details on every page!
  • Have one clear call to action ... don't overwhelm with too many. If there are too many choices and buttons to click, you risk causing confusion and your visitors clicking nothing!
  • If you have a great offer or can give away some free information highlight it.  Do you have some information you could give away via free download that could also give you the opportunity to collect data for your mailing list?
  • Include links to other pages of your website from within your individual blog posts to encourage readers to find out more about your business and services.
  • Cut out the jargon. Write for your readers and ultimately your prospective customers. Use language that they will understand and can relate to.

The above are a few simple guidelines, but above all else keep it simple. If you would like some help with developing a new small business website or improving an existing one, please do get in touch.



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