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Finding the Right Tech Workers to Help Your Small Business


There is no one path to attracting more traffic to your business' website. Every day we hear of more acronyms and receive pitches for a service that supposedly provides some magic way to generate more traffic and increase our search engine ranking. With all the noise, it isn't easy to pick a place to start and decide whether to do it yourself or hire outside help to fulfill your business' marketing and web design needs.

As a business owner, you know your time's value and want to ensure that your investments yield results. Hiring the right people can be a cumbersome experience. Choosing to do it yourself, hire a freelancer, or employ a service is a taxing decision since each comes with its own advantages and pitfalls.

You can't possibly implement all of the best practices for optimizing your Internet presence, but small tweaks in specific areas can significantly increase your business's success.

Web Designers Are Worth the Investment

Humans don't need long to decide if something isn't worth their time. Most people click the back button when they see an outdated website or can't navigate to the pages they want. Simply put, poorly designed sites are bad for business. A slow page with too many pictures or sidebars that don't load correctly drive customers away. The proper research and design of a website go a long way to providing value to the customers reducing the barriers to making a purchase.

Hire Tech Workers From Bootcamps

Coding bootcamps are churning out capable web designers, software engineers, and digital marketers to fill the economy's tech needs. The growth of tech jobs is ballooning as businesses large and small realize the importance of the right brand presence on the Internet. At coding bootcamps, students work on real-life scenarios and work exclusively on work related to their study area. The best online coding bootcamps are allowing students worldwide to learn the skills your business needs to take it to the next level.

These freshly minted tech workers typically have previous professions that make them well-rounded candidates for your company.

Getting the Most Out of Social Media

The social media landscape is volatile. Algorithms and policies change frequently and without notice. Advertising professionals have all sorts of advice on how to properly manage your business' social media presence. Everyone has a different plan that isn't always aligned with your business brand.

All of your marketing should feel organic. SEO is a great tool for getting higher rankings on search engines in hopes of getting more traffic, but it doesn't always bring the right customers. Quality content provides users a reason to return to your site and share the resources with others. Checking boxes and focusing on "metrics" rather than content is a surefire way to attract the wrong kind of Internet attention.

A successful social media campaign doesn't require viral videos or massive giveaway; it requires a cohesive strategy.

Take Advantage of Data Science

No matter how you source your digital marketing, you should be paying attention to the data. Too often, small businesses make decisions based on faulty correlations or qualitative reviews of data. Utilizing data will provide insights you can't see at the surface level. Industry leaders use data science to find new customers, develop new products, and get more money out of current customers; you should too.

Data scientists take the data from your website, sales figures, and other metrics and put them into databases to run algorithms to determine correlations and provide advanced statistics. These calculations will help you decide which investments are paying off and the processes that need improvement.

A great example of data science would be testing the language of landing pages. A small experiment and subsequent analysis of the results could determine the copy that converts the most customers. This small, evidenced-based change can make a significant impact on sales.

Websites and social media pages generate thousands of data points that can be analyzed to improve all aspects of a business. These changes will improve our efficiencies and help cutout efforts that don't yield results. You can leverage this data into revenue by hiring data scientists from the Metis data science bootcamp.

The Right People Make a Big Difference

Getting the right people for your business can be a long and arduous process, but the right people can make a significant impact on your company. Small changes by skilled tech professionals generate larger income sources that are hard to identify by untrained eyes. 

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Thursday, 11 August 2022

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