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Maximizing Website Uptime During Breaks


Running an online business can be a very complicated process. The key to having success when selling services or products online is having a fast and reliable website. The modern consumer has a very short attention span, which is why you need to make sure your website loads fast.

Over 75 percent of online consumers claim they will avoid buying from a website again if it does not perform up to their standards. Instead of letting a slow website cost lead to you missing out on potential sales, you need to find a way to increase the reliability of your domain.

While most online business owners have no problem keeping their website functional when they can continuously monitor it, they don’t have a strategy to deal with issues when they are on a break. Read below to find out about some of the things that can be done to make a website fast and reliable even when you are on a break.

Optimizing the Site With Cloud-Based Infrastructure

When developing a new website, most business owners choose to use a .net framework. With this framework, you will be able to develop and deploy your website in a hurry. Learning about the various components of a .NET architecture will help you see where improvements can be made to the overall infrastructure of a website.  

When spikes in website traffic occur, you have to find a way to keep your site up and running efficiently. One of the best ways to do this is by using additional cloud-based infrastructure components. Instead of storing important information on physical servers, you can use the cloud. By doing this, you can reduce the chance that your servers will crash due to maintenance during your absence.

Cloud-based components will be upgraded instantly, which takes a lot of stress off of your plate. A cloud-based infrastructure will also allow you to scale your website with the click of a button. This is especially helpful when faced with large spikes in web traffic during the holiday season.

Website stress testing

Uptime Monitoring Can be Extremely Helpful

For the most part, online business owners are unaware of poorly performing pages until they receive complaints from consumers. Instead of waiting until a poorly performing page costs you money, you need to invest in comprehensive uptime monitoring tools.

With the right software, you can reduce the amount of downtime your website has significantly. If issues are detected, this software will alert you immediately. The faster you are able to fix functionality issues with your website, the easier it will be to avoid losing potential customers.

 Website up time

Routine Stress Tests are Essential

The biggest mistake most online entrepreneurs make regarding their website is setting and forgetting it. Just like any other tool in a business owner’s arsenal, a website will have to be constantly updated and optimized. When attempting to get information on where a website’s vulnerabilities lie, having IT professionals perform a stress test is essential.

Often times, these tests will involve a simulated load being put on the website. This load is meant to represent a large spike in website traffic. If the site is unable to handle this load and crashes, then you will need to find out how to fix these issues.

Usually, doing things like upgrading your servers and bandwidth is a step in the right direction. Having these types of tests performed on a regular basis will help you stay out in front of website functionality issues with ease.

Professional Help May Be Needed

While increasing your website’s performance and reliability will be time-consuming, it is definitely worth the effort. With the assistance of an experienced IT professional, you can put your website through the paces so you can see where changes need to be made.

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Guest - Dubai Expo on Tuesday, 21 May 2019 12:17

Everything is perfect with this work. The writer has managed to keep the article interesting while discussing some really serious points. This is not easily done. All the best. dewa cancellation

Everything is perfect with this work. The writer has managed to keep the article interesting while discussing some really serious points. This is not easily done. All the best. dewa cancellation
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