Then read on if you need some inspiration

Those first few posts on your new Facebook business page can seem a bit daunting. What on earth do you post? If you've just launched a new website, use some of the content from that to ease yourself in to it and then move forwards using these guidelines.

Also don't forget you can share some of your Pages post on your personal Facebook profile to relevant groups that you may be a member of. But, do be careful ... too much 'spammy' behaviour and bombarding various groups with the same post in a short space of time can alienate your audience and more worryingly cause Facebook to suspend your page.

Promotions and sales posts ... proceed with caution

Try not to obviously promote your business too much. The odd post about an offer or a promotion is fine. But if all you do is constantly advertise your products and services people will switch off. They may even start to hide your notifications ... nobody likes to be sold to all the time!


Finally, don't forget to interact with your audience and thank them. People like to be acknowledged. Share other pages content and if someone shares yours try to acknowledge it. Commenting on the thread of your own shared content is a very good way of doing this. Plus you are benefiting from the audience of whoever shared in the first place.

There's a lot to take on board here ... but really, just make sure you're posting and sharing if you want to increase your Facebook reach. If you could do with some advice, please get in touch on 01494 537612 and we can get you on the right tracks and we have some useful contacts we can put you in touch with if you just want to hand it over to someone else to manage.