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"No one's seeing my Facebook page posts!"


This is something I hear regularly from clients who have just launched a new website and are hoping to promote their business and website through Facebook.

One of the best ways of getting the word out there about a website and/or a new business venture is undoubtedly through using social media. Let's face it, aside from your time ... it's free and the potential audience is huge! If you're still not convinced about using social media to promote your business read this earlier post.

There are many social channels available and for a business providing goods and services locally, business to consumer, Facebook is a good choice.

However, you have to put the work in.

So, you, or your web developer, have created the Facebook page and the temptation is to invite all your friends to like your page. Remember your friends are not necessarily your potential customers, although you could argue that it depends on what you're offering. If you're providing garden services then perhaps someone within that immediate network could require your services and quite possibly friends of friends could increase that likelihood.

Collecting page likes is not enough

Facebook delivers content into an individual's news feed based on their preferences. In other words, it will show them more of what they have already liked, commented on and shared ... recently! And this is the key word.

If you're not producing posts for your audience to interact with, you will drop off their news feed.

After you have created that Facebook page it is vitally important that you are active ... regularly!

Post regularly ... daily at the least and more if possible. Facebook does have a scheduling facility so it is possible to line up a week's worth, or more, of posts so at least something is being published regularly without you having to be checking and posting periodically every day.

Your posts will not be seen just because someone liked your page

If someone liked your page 3 months ago and then you didn't post anything, you will have dropped off their news feed.  It is all about engagement and posting content that will encourage likes, comments and sharing ... regularly, so that they keep seeing your posts.

If you're not sure where to start look out for my next post with some tips for Facebook content or give me a call on 01494 537612.

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