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Optimise your small business website for local search


If you're a small business providing services to a local market, then it's important that your website ranks well. I want to be found for 'web design high wycombe' so there are a few things that I've implemented on this website to achieve that end.  Here are a few simple steps that you can take in an infographic with more detail below:

1) Domain Name

If at all possible, try and use your keywords and/or your main geographical area in your domain name. I've managed 'web design' although not 'High Wycombe'.

2) Contact Information

  • The telephone area code must match the town or city where you want to be found and the number must be your permanent business number.
  • Use a legitimate business address, which should also be in the town or city where you want to rank.

Both these two can present a challenge for a small local business which you may be running from home and quite likely using a mobile for most of your business contacts, but it is worth trying to arrange both if possible.

Also make sure you are consistent and use the same address and contact details everywhere you are listed online.

3) Title Tags

Create unique title tags for every page of your site and include your services, keywords and location.

4) Headings

Use your keywords and location in the H1 and H2 text on each page. Be careful here, as they must also relate to the content below and not be misleading to the reader. For example, it's not appropriate for me to reference 'web design' on a page about 'email marketing'.

5) Don't Try to Cheat the Search Engine

This one's important. Write good quality, unique content that is going to be informative and of benefit to your reader and potential customers. It's important to use your keywords, but keep it natural and avoid over doing it.

6) Social Media

Social media is important for all search engine optimisation.

  • Keep your channels up to date and being active in local groups on Facebook, for example, can only boost the ranking of your website for local search.
  • Avoid 'spammy' behaviour like constantly sharing links to your website.
  • Try to share information that is useful and of value to your followers and interact and comment on other's posts.
  • Get listed on Google My Business.

7) Have a Mobile Friendly Website

A high percentage of consumers using local search are using a mobile device. As of April 2015, mobile friendly sites ranked higher than those that were not. Make sure your website is not being negatively impacted by not being mobile friendly.

If you're a local small business and you could do with improving your rankings, why not get in touch on 01494 537612 ... we can help.

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