Should you auto direct message all new followers and fans?


Short answer ... I don't think so!

First of all what is an automatic direct message or auto DM?

Twitter has a private messaging facility for sending direct messages to other users. An auto direct message is one that is sent automatically, usually triggered by a new follower.

Social media is just that ... social!

You should definitely be interacting and engaging with your followers so why is a message welcoming a new follower not necessarily a good thing?

Think about how you interact with someone who you've just met face to face:

  • Do you dive straight in and talk about yourself and your services? Probably not.
  • Do you ask them to do something for you, like recommend your services to a colleague? In social media speak follow you on other networks or re-tweet for you? Again, unlikely.
  • Do you immediately start to sell to them? I doubt it.

With the above in mind you can imagine my reaction when I recently received the following message:

"Hey Ann Warne, fancy a top of the range website with no upfront costs? Our design team could create you a cutting-edge, pay monthly website from just £39pm. Packages include: - Bespoke Expert Design - FREE Domain Name - Website Hosting - Content Management System (CMS) - Desktop, Tablet & Mobile Responsive - On-site SEO - Social Media Integration - Business Email - Ongoing Support If you like I can arrange to give you call to discuss things a little further? Many thanks, Amy"

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