How Small Businesses Can Keep Up With Content Demands


Running a small business is often hectic and marketing is one of the biggest demands. But it’s also essential.

With the majority if purchases now occurring online and an increasing amount of local traffic to local businesses being guided by the internet, it really is crucial to make a success of the web.

Web success means ranking well in search engine results. Since SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about keywords and keywords are just that… words… SEO is actually all about content.

There’s no getting away from its importance. To rank well for your niche, your business needs to produce quality content that people a) want to read, b) will share and c) will link to.

But what is ‘quality content’? It used to be that anyone could string 300 words together in a blog, cram it with keywords, post and voila… up the rankings you go. To be frank, I’m glad those days are over, but it does complicate things for your business.

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Small business marketing, digital marketing, content ... what does it all mean?


Recently I attended a digital marketing masterclass. I was lured in by the ‘masterclass’, which, as an aside, demonstrates very well the importance of a great headline for your online promotional activity.

Whilst the course was interesting, I spent most of the day learning about keyword research and on-page search engine optimisation which wasn’t quite what I had expected. The course was well received by other delegates, but I had been expecting something quite different. After all, as web design is what I do these are things that I am very familiar with and have been implementing on customer’s websites for quite some time.

My core business offering is to help small businesses and start-ups get online, primarily with a new website, so I had been hoping for some insight about the whole digital picture … how it all pulls together to market your small business in this digital age. I often support new customers with a whole host of other related services to help get them started with managing the online marketing of their small business. I’d hoped for tips on conversion tactics on landing pages, social media advice and content writing and the whole online branding process.

So, what is my point? Not, that obviously, I should have been a little more thorough before signing up and that I should have requested a course overview.

My point is, that it got me thinking about all these terms that we see used everywhere and ‘hashtagged’ all over Twitter. Not just digital marketing … think

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Are you suffering from small business content marketing overwhelm?


If you manage a website for your small business, you are probably aware that to be competitive it is not enough to just launch your website and then forget about it. You need search engine optimisation or SEO. SEO is probably something you have heard about and know you should be doing.

You’ve probably also quite likely heard various things mentioned in connection with SEO; like ‘content marketing’ or 'digital marketing'. You are probably also aware of the benefits of having an active presence on one or more social media channels but how does it all sit together and what exactly is content marketing?

To compound things SEO best practises are ever changing and what may have worked effectively a couple of years ago is not going to work now so you need to keep up to date.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a form of marketing online or digital marketing, that involves the creation of material online with the purpose of raising awareness of your brand or business. The type of online material that you should be creating can include;

  • videos (via something like YouTube),
  • blog posts (on your website) and
  • Tweets, posts and status updates on various other social media platforms.

The content should not necessarily advertise your business and products directly, but should be generating interest and raising awareness while encouraging visitors to your website.

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