What to include in a great introduction for your small business blog post


So you’ve written an attention-grabbing headline and you’ve caught the reader’s attention. Hooray! They’re reading your blog post. How do you ensure that your visitors read on past the introduction to the rest of your post?

This blog post will demonstrate some of the clear benefits to a well-crafted introduction and will outline what you really should be including. Has it worked so far?

What's the relevance of the beach picture? Well only that this time of the year I find it very inviting (tenuous link to an inviting introduction) ... in fact I like to go to the beach any time of the year.

But back to the blog post introduction

The objective of your introduction is to encourage the reader to continue. It should:

  • Outline what you are going to be writing about.
  • Offer a clear benefit to reading on.
  • Make the reader feel comfortable that the content being shared is valuable and worth their time investment in reading it.

Think of your audience and try to address them personally.

If you’ve done your research you will know who your readers are. You will have clearly identified who you are trying to target you will be able to outline a clear benefit to them for reading on to the end of your post.

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How to write great text content for your small business website


There is an art to writing copy for your website. You may enlist the services of a professional copy writer, but chances are, if you’re a small business on a budget, you may decide to tackle it yourself. After all, you know your business better than anyone.

So you have all the facts about your small business and its products and services, but here are a few guidelines, to help you present all that knowledge in its most effective manner. It’s about attracting the right readers who will convert to customers.

Who is your ideal reader or visitor to your website?

First of all who do you want to engage with the text content on your website? Think about who your ideal customer is and what is most likely to appeal to them. You want to stand out from the crowd. You want them to pick you over your competitors. Imagine you are talking to them as you write and that you’re having a conversation with them through the text content on your website.

Have a clear understanding of your message

People like to read about themselves and your website visitors don’t necessarily want to read about how great you think your products or services are. So with that in mind focus on making the benefits of your products and services personal to your reader. Readers like to feel that they can identify with a problem or situation. Show that you understand their needs and demonstrate how your products and services can help to benefit them.

Have the right headline … make your text eye-catching

Yes you need more than a few magic words to seal the deal, but most website visitors are in a hurry. They don’t want to make too much effort to read long pieces of text and the right headline can convey your key message as well as encouraging the visitor to read the rest of your content.

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