Are you using social media for customer service?


We’re now all familiar with the benefits of social media for promoting our small businesses. It can:

  • generate brand awareness,
  • showcase your expertise and knowledge,
  • generate leads,
  • boost sales and
  • boost your website’s search rankings.

I always encourage all new website owners to embrace at least one social media channel to help to promote their new website if nothing else. If you still need convincing have a read of Social media ... do you need to bother?.  

One of the common arguments I hear for not doing so is that small business owners are worried about negative comments and feedback about their products and services being posted on their public profiles and feeds. These negative comments are going to happen from time to time, possibly on your own profile and if you’re a small business providing local services some of these may well turn up on local Facebook groups.

So how does this tie in with customer service?

We tend to think of social media as a means of promoting our small business by finding new markets and encouraging those potential customers to engage and start to use our products and services.

But your existing customers are also using social media. You may have great relationships with your customers, but with the best of intentions sometimes things can go wrong. The odd one of these less than delighted customers may well air their grievance on social media.

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