Most Valuable Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

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Five years ago, emerging digital marketing trends such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data-driven marketing, and voice search engine optimization (VSEO) were seen as too ambitious for the time.

Fast-forward to the present, and these trends are now among the top priorities for millions of businesses.

In fact, you can’t spend time online without these digital marketing trends curating every facet of your user experience: Targeted social media ads, the videos that appear on your YouTube feed and hands-free Google search while you’re cooking at home, to name a few.

If you are serious about leveraging your business online, it’s nearly impossible to stay competitive without keeping track of the latest trends in digital marketing, driven by demand.

With emerging technologies and the resurgence of old and tried methods, our friends at a top New York web design company understand it can be overwhelming to keep up. How do you know which trends are worth investing in?

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10 Web Design Tips to Drive Sales


Ranking high in the search engine results pages is a clear indication that your optimization efforts are working. The same goes for an uptick in traffic to your website. And if you see robust sales, then you can say without any reservation that your online business is on the right track to success.

However, not all webmasters with high SERP rankings and considerable traffic are enjoying substantial sales. Some may not even be selling anything off at all.

While great rankings and traffic are primary ingredients for a successful business online, having both is not a guarantee of one. If you have both, but sales are weak to non-existent, perhaps you might want to look at other possible reasons, like your web design practices.

Some people may not realize it, but web design plays a role in achieving conversions. SEO might get people to see and click the link to your website in the SERPs, but once they’re there, it’s your web design that will be crucial to getting visitors to stay and, hopefully, give you the conversions you need.

Conversely, a website’s design can also drive people away, especially when it doesn’t give visitors the best user experience.

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Small business marketing, digital marketing, content ... what does it all mean?


Recently I attended a digital marketing masterclass. I was lured in by the ‘masterclass’, which, as an aside, demonstrates very well the importance of a great headline for your online promotional activity.

Whilst the course was interesting, I spent most of the day learning about keyword research and on-page search engine optimisation which wasn’t quite what I had expected. The course was well received by other delegates, but I had been expecting something quite different. After all, as web design is what I do these are things that I am very familiar with and have been implementing on customer’s websites for quite some time.

My core business offering is to help small businesses and start-ups get online, primarily with a new website, so I had been hoping for some insight about the whole digital picture … how it all pulls together to market your small business in this digital age. I often support new customers with a whole host of other related services to help get them started with managing the online marketing of their small business. I’d hoped for tips on conversion tactics on landing pages, social media advice and content writing and the whole online branding process.

So, what is my point? Not, that obviously, I should have been a little more thorough before signing up and that I should have requested a course overview.

My point is, that it got me thinking about all these terms that we see used everywhere and ‘hashtagged’ all over Twitter. Not just digital marketing … think

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6 tips for writing effective email text content


So you've been gathering visitor information and email addresses from people you meet at networking events, visit your website or wherever ... now you need to contact them with your all important message.

Before you begin, decide on one clear objective for your email beyond just contacting people and getting more customers.  

  • Do you want more website traffic?
  • Are you trying to improve traction on your social media channels?
  • Do you have a promotion that you want to publicise? 

As with most things, keeping it simple is usually the best policy and below are a few guidelines to help your email achieve it's objective.

1. Keep focused

Decide on one clear message. If you need to convey more than one message consider sending separate emails.

2. Target your email

You may need to divide your email address list up into sections so that you can really target that message for maximum impact. Whilst you may want to say the same thing to your entire list, there may be a section of the list for whom it is more relevant or requires a slightly different angle. There's no point sending the message to a 1,000 addresses if it's irrelevant to 99% of them.

3. Less is more

Be concise and reduce the length of your email ... I'm not very good at this and often ramble on. You don't want your main message to be lost within too much text, however beautifully written it is.

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Social media … do you need to bother?


Short answer ... YES you do! You've set up your new business and you have a brand new website.

The phone's going to be ringing off the hook ... right? Wrong!

It's going to take time before your new small business website starts to get found in any Google search results. Starting a social media campaign is just one of a number of things that you can do to help speed up the process, although there are no guarantees of achieving page 1 of Google for your chosen search string.

For now though, let's just focus on the advantages of using social media as a small business ... and there are many, beyond search engine optimisation and driving traffic to your website.

1. Generate Brand Awareness

By creating a consistent presence on your chosen social media channels, your company and it's brand can create a recognisable image. Good quality posts can help build and enhance your reputation. 

2. Showcase Your Expertise and Knowledge

Sharing your knowledge and giving away valuable free tips on your social media channels will show your potential customers that:

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