6 tips for writing effective email text content


So you've been gathering visitor information and email addresses from people you meet at networking events, visit your website or wherever ... now you need to contact them with your all important message.

Before you begin, decide on one clear objective for your email beyond just contacting people and getting more customers.  

  • Do you want more website traffic?
  • Are you trying to improve traction on your social media channels?
  • Do you have a promotion that you want to publicise? 

As with most things, keeping it simple is usually the best policy and below are a few guidelines to help your email achieve it's objective.

1. Keep focused

Decide on one clear message. If you need to convey more than one message consider sending separate emails.

2. Target your email

You may need to divide your email address list up into sections so that you can really target that message for maximum impact. Whilst you may want to say the same thing to your entire list, there may be a section of the list for whom it is more relevant or requires a slightly different angle. There's no point sending the message to a 1,000 addresses if it's irrelevant to 99% of them.

3. Less is more

Be concise and reduce the length of your email ... I'm not very good at this and often ramble on. You don't want your main message to be lost within too much text, however beautifully written it is.

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