5 reasons why your small business website really should be mobile friendly


First of all what is a mobile friendly website?

A mobile friendly, or responsive, website will adjust depending on the device that it is accessed from. A non-mobile friendly website won't and visitors will need to zoom in and drag the screen around to be able to read your content.

A high percentage of small business owners still don't have a website and of those that do many are still not mobile friendly or 'responsive'. If you do have an elderly website for your small or local business, listed below are a few reasons why you may want to consider an upgrade to a mobile friendly version.

Of course, if you're taking the plunge for the first time it's a given that it should be mobile friendly.

  1. Since April 2015 Google has promoted mobile friendly websites over those that aren't when searching on a mobile device. Have a think about the products and services that you offer and who might use them. Are your customers likely to be searching on their mobiles when they're out and about or sitting in front of the TV in the evening looking on a tablet.
  2. Visitor experience is essential. If having arrived at your website while looking on a mobile device and it's not mobile friendly most visitors will simply move away immediately and go to the next website that is mobile friendly. Possibly your competitor.
  3. An up to date, ie mobile friendly, website will improve your credibility. If a customer finds your non-mobile friendly website it will look out of date and possibly may even bring into question wether you are still trading or not.
  4. Your business will be seen as up to date and relevant. Quite simply an out of date website will give the same impression of your business and it's services. You want your customers to see you as in touch with what is current and able to deliver accordingly.
  5. Non-mobile friendly websites are becoming obsolete. A new website developed in 2016 will automatically be mobile friendly. With new websites being developed all the time, the non-mobile ones are gradually being squeezed out and becoming redundant.

If you want your website to help your business then it really should be mobile friendly. Not sure if yours is or not? Why not get in touch on 01494 537612.

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