Solved! Small business social media profile picture problems


If you’re running a small business and managing a couple of social channels you may well have had a few issues with profile pictures. What should you choose and then once you’ve decided how on earth do you get it to fit? Read on to find out:

How to choose your profile picture and,How to get your profile pictures to fit within the allotted space.Choosing a profile picture

The picture you choose depends on your business. Before you start have a think about the image that you want to project. Remember your profile picture is likely to be the first thing that anyone will see when they come across your profile and first impressions are important. The first decision is simple:

Do you use your logo?Should you have a picture of yourself?What about a combination of both?Using your logo

If you’ve invested in branding and have a logo that you are hoping to use to project a unified image across all social channels, your website and on printed material you possibly think this is the best option. But before you do just consider the image you’re projecting and the audience you are hoping to engage. If you’re a small to medium sized business and you will be posting for the company then yes go ahead and use the logo. Do make sure it’s the right size and all of it is visible … more on this later.

Using a head-shot

Using a head-shot may be better if you are a small business, possibly a sole trader. In this instance, you are the business and it is you who people will be engaging with online and ultimately doing business with. Your online audience will be engaging with you personally so choosing a picture that represents you as the face of the business is sometimes a better option.

If you’re going for a head-shot of you it’s worth investing in a session with a professional photographer. Tempting though it is to try and cut costs here, that blurry shot of you at a friend’s party with the wine glass cropped out is not really going to cut it. If you need a little more convincing have a read of this post which discusses profile pictures for your website, but also the importance of having them professionally taken.

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