How Small Businesses Can Keep Up With Content Demands


Running a small business is often hectic and marketing is one of the biggest demands. But it’s also essential.

With the majority if purchases now occurring online and an increasing amount of local traffic to local businesses being guided by the internet, it really is crucial to make a success of the web.

Web success means ranking well in search engine results. Since SEO (search engine optimisation) is all about keywords and keywords are just that… words… SEO is actually all about content.

There’s no getting away from its importance. To rank well for your niche, your business needs to produce quality content that people a) want to read, b) will share and c) will link to.

But what is ‘quality content’? It used to be that anyone could string 300 words together in a blog, cram it with keywords, post and voila… up the rankings you go. To be frank, I’m glad those days are over, but it does complicate things for your business.

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What to include in a great introduction for your small business blog post


So you’ve written an attention-grabbing headline and you’ve caught the reader’s attention. Hooray! They’re reading your blog post. How do you ensure that your visitors read on past the introduction to the rest of your post?

This blog post will demonstrate some of the clear benefits to a well-crafted introduction and will outline what you really should be including. Has it worked so far?

What's the relevance of the beach picture? Well only that this time of the year I find it very inviting (tenuous link to an inviting introduction) ... in fact I like to go to the beach any time of the year.

But back to the blog post introduction

The objective of your introduction is to encourage the reader to continue. It should:

Outline what you are going to be writing about.Offer a clear benefit to reading on.Make the reader feel comfortable that the content being shared is valuable and worth their time investment in reading it.Think of your audience and try to address them personally.

If you’ve done your research you will know who your readers are. You will have clearly identified who you are trying to target you will be able to outline a clear benefit to them for reading on to the end of your post.

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Small business blog headlines that grab reader attention


Research says that on average eight out of ten people will read your headline but only two out of ten will go on to read the rest of your article or blog post. So, if you want your content to be read, it’s worth spending some time and effort on that all-important headline. Some copywriters even say that around half the time it takes to write your article should be spent on researching and crafting your headline.

Well if you’ve made it this far then the headline worked and you’ve read the introduction!

Before you start: What are the objectives of your headline?

There are various reasons for having a small business blog, but if readers don’t get past the headline, then your blog content is pointless. Think about how your headline is going to make sure the content you are painstakingly writing gets read and achieves its own objectives of:

Getting found in search results.Attracting visitors to your website.Demonstrating your expertise within your business sector.Giving tips and advice to existing and potential new customers.Providing an easy way to add topical content to your website.Generating material to share on your social media platforms. (I can usually get between 5 and 10 Tweets from each blog post.)

The first two points are probably the most relevant to readers of this blog, so this post will focus on those two objectives. Your headline needs to make sure that your blog post gets found and is then read with a view to impressing your visitor so much that they move on to the rest of your website. That’s quite a tall order.

Getting found in search results

If your headline contains a phrase that readers are likely to use as a search string, then so much better. At least include some of your keywords.

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