Web Design Tips To Improve Customer Experience


We live in a world where the expectations of customers have become higher than ever before. Everyone wants the best deals, the fastest service, and unmatched convenience when doing their shopping for products and services, online and otherwise.

Some people might say that customers today are quite spoiled, but they have every right to be. After all, the competition for the attention of customers is intensifying across all industries. That puts customers in a position where they can demand first-rate customer service at every turn in exchange for their patronage.

There’s also that little thing about customers being always right, which no amount of advanced technology or passage of time will ever change.

For entrepreneurs plying their wares online, the least they can do for people checking out their website is to provide them the best possible customer experience. Considering how empowered customers are today, keeping them happy as they’re contemplating giving you their business is exactly what you need to do not only to drive revenue to your company but also inspire loyalty to your brand.

Web design plays a vital role in providing customers an experience that will make them purchase what you have to offer not only once but over and over again. Great if your web design already has it covered, but if your website, as it stands today, currently provides little in the way of excellent customer experience, here are some tweaks you can do to rectify the situation.

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9 Ways Bad Localization Can Ruin The UX


A lot of businesses nowadays are turning to localization to improve their user experience and reach foreign audiences. After all, who wouldn't want to go global? But there is another side to this coin, namely bad localization and what it can lead to.

In order to be informed about all of the pitfalls of bad localization, read this article till the end and take note of what you can do in order to avoid these mistakes.

1. Using Unreliable Sources To Find Your Translator

The first mistake businesses make is going to the wrong places to look for their potential translator. Take Fiverr, for example. Not all the translators there possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide you with an accurate translation. In fact, only the top translators may or may not be experts in the sphere.

The primary reason for business owners to head over to such places instead of opting for a professional writing service is money. They hope to save some bucks by hiring a translator that charges less. But in reality, they will only lose money when they will have to hire more and more translators to correct the past mistakes the customers are complaining about.

2. Not Taking Into Account The Peculiarities

Unfortunately, this is a problem that has its roots way back from the strategy planning stage. When you decide to go global, you must study the markets you want to expand to. And if you don't see the alarming differences between your current market and the ones you want to target, you are set for failure.

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When a poor visitor experience on your website costs your business money


I recently placed an order for some made to measure curtains with a well known high street and online retailer. I ordered fabric samples, measured up and placed my order. There was a long lead time ... over 2 months. I was very excited when the day finally arrived and the box was handed over.

I'll pause here for a moment to explain the reason for this blog post. I want to demonstrate the importance of communicating accurately with your customers via your website as well as making sure that detailed information is presented in a visually accessible way.

Make it clear, crystal clear, what information you need from your website's visitors in order to fulfil their expectations.

So ... back to the curtain story. The courier handed me the box. It felt a little light and I was slightly concerned. Something felt not quite right. I opened the box and drooled over the beautiful fabric and the pinch pleats. I'd been wanting these curtains since I moved in ... over ten years ago. I was allowed to be excited.

I held up one of the curtains. It was nowhere near wide enough. In fact it was about half the width it needed to be. In complete panic (even with the 30% discount these were a big investment for me) I went back to the email confirmation and my tape measure. The curtain width I'd ordered was correct the curtain I'd received was not! 

From the title of this blog post you've probably already worked out that someone made a mistake and in the retailers eyes that was me. In my defence this is the form that I completed when I placed my order.

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