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The secret to brand relevance: Disruptive innovation


The word “disruptive” is used a lot when it comes to marketing, but it’s a major key to brand relevance and gaining notice. Think about your favorite brands. Things like Apple and Nike seem normal now, but remember when they were first introduced just how innovative they were. That’s why disruptive innovation is such a powerful tool for making a mark in the industry. Here are some tips for being disruptive with your innovations.

Don’t be afraid to take risks.

The thing that holds so many businesses back from disruptive innovation. There’s such thing as a smart risk, and it comes from knowing the market and knowing your product or service. Commit your business to working with a creative team and promoting innovative ideas. Remember that no good ideas start out as perfect, and it’s okay to gamble a little when it comes to risk.

Be available for questions.

One of the biggest reasons visitors will turn away from a website is because they aren’t able to get their questions answered quickly. Offering easy contact solutions and live chat can go a long way in making customers feel heard. Learn more about the best live chat software solutions here to find out the best option for your business.

Focus on one thing and do it well.

If you’re too busy trying to be the best at everything, you’ll be the best at nothing. Look at the largest brands you know. Starbucks is great because it’s known for serving the best cup of coffee. Spotify is great because it’s known to offer the best music selection on the go. These brands focus on what they’re good at and that’s all. Starbucks isn’t trying to break into the tech world because that just wouldn’t make sense. Focus on one success at a time.

Remember to listen to your customers.

Feedback is an important step in creating long-lasting innovative disruption. If you’ve ever noticed a brand step quickly into the consumer spotlight and just as quickly fade from notice, it’s probably from failing to listen to consumers. When promoting a new product or brand, customer communication is key. There will likely be a lot of feedback about new brands immediately, and it is worthwhile to listen to this feedback and adjust the brand as needed. Brands that are willing to adjust to fit their perfect market and that listen to consumer concerns are the brands that stick around for a long time.

Always move forward with your brand.

Brands that spend too much time looking backwards and not focusing on the future are brands that fade out of relevance quickly. In the age of modern technology, things move fast. Having a strong internet presence is a vital step to gaining traction in the business world, and you need to place your brand where consumers can see it which means being available online. Finally, forward momentum is the only way to continuously grow your brand from the ground up.

Innovative disruption is a powerful marketing tool.

If you want to make a splash in the marketing world nowadays, you need to be an innovator. You need to go boldly where no brand has gone before and don’t be afraid to change along the way to suit consumer needs. It’s hard to be innovative in a world with so many new markets and ideas, and that’s why creativity is such a key force in marketing. As long as you’re thinking outside the box, you’re already on the way to the next success!

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