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Things To Avoid When Choosing A Web Design Company


Are you thinking about creating a website for your business? If you are, then you’re on the right track. A website is still your top option for establishing your brand and a solid presence online. You don’t even have to worry if you have no web design skills whatsoever. With so many DIY templatised services out there, you can certainly create your own website from the ground up.

Still, hiring a web design company is the way to go if you want a website to look, feel, and function in the best possible way. After all, professional web designers do have the skills, experience, and an extensive knowledge of web design trends that might work best for the website you want to build.

Then again, you have to be careful when choosing a web design company. You would want to pick the right one, or you’ll find the entire process extremely stressful from beginning to end, and beyond. Here are some of the things you will want to avoid when shopping for a web design company.

Rates that are too low

We’re fortunate to live in a time where intense competition drives prices down. With so many web designers fighting for their piece of the market, it’s not uncommon for them to charge lower rates for their services to get a leg up on their competition. And if you have a limited budget for your project, intense competition for your business will indeed be your best friend.

However, you have to be on the lookout for web design companies that offer rates that appear to be too low. Chances are, that cheap price tag will only cover the most bare-bones web design they can make. And if you ask to add more features, they will likely charge you more. In the end, you’ll be shelling out more money than you initially intended.

To get an idea of whether the offer is too low or high, you need to do some research, or you can ask friends if they know how much the average rate for web design is nowadays.

Companies that ask for full payment up front

You should be wary of service providers in any industry that ask you to pay in full for a service they haven’t provided yet.

The standard practice for legitimate and reputable web design companies is to ask for nothing more than a deposit, then work out a payment scheme with you that will last until the final product is finished.

Those who hide behind tech mumbo-jumbo

If you’re not a techie and your web designer is trying to overwhelm you with tech speak, put your foot down and just state clearly, in plain English, what you want for your website. Ask them to talk to you in plain English as well.

There are web design companies out there that intentionally dazzle their non-techie clients with tech speak to impress upon them that they know better, or they could be pushing for features they don’t need, but for which they can charge more.

Web designers that don’t refer you to their clients

Let’s say you stumbled onto the website of a web design company, and you were impressed by the glowing testimonials they’ve gotten from past clients. But when you contact them and request to communicate with their previous clients to hear it straight from them, and they hesitate to connect you to them, then you’ll have reason to doubt if what was said in the testimonials are true, or if they’re even actual testimonials at all.

Web design-only companies

In the early days, a web designer is tasked with making a website look good, while someone else ensures that the site actually works, and that someone else is called a web developer.

These days, however, web designers are also expected to be web developers too. Current web designers have to be capable of making a site look amazing and exceptionally functional at the same time, and you would want to hire a web design company that does all of that for you.  Avoid those that offer only web design and tell you that you need to hire a web developer somewhere else.

No content management system

Before you get into a contract with any web design company, you have to ask if they will incorporate a content management system or CMS into your website. You really have to know this, especially if you’re not a coder because that’s what you’re going to need if your site doesn’t have a CMS.

You see, with CMS-less websites, everything about it is hardcoded, which means if you need to edit something in your site’s content, you have to do it the hardcode way. And if you’re not a coder, then you’ll be entirely dependent on the company that designed your site for any changes you want to make. Of course, you’ll have to pay them for that extra service.

If you don’t want to do anything of the sort, then you must choose a web design company that will put in a decent CMS platform like Joomla, WordPress or Magento if you’re having an ecommerce site made. With a CMS platform for your site, any edits you want to make should be easier to do.

Web designers who don’t do responsive design

No one can deny that mobile is the wave of the future, and that future is here. Mobile users have long surpassed desktop users, and there are no signs that the latter will be able to catch up anytime soon.

With the domination of mobile, it’s safe to say that there is no better way to create a website these days than responsive design. With responsive web design, your site will be optimized for every device, which means your business has the potential to be seen by desktop and mobile users alike.

So if the web design company you’re eyeing does not offer responsive web design services, then you should find one that can help you get a slice of the mobile market.

These are just some of the numerous things you need to avoid when looking for a web design company. Find a company that does the opposite of the items listed here, and you can expect a website that will serve form and function well.

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