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To blog or not to blog


That is the question. At the start of the year I resolved to make my own website a better shop window. So, I've decided to start blogging and will soon be adding some examples of my work. But first of all that all important first blog post.

I've routinely advised my clients to include a blog on their websites as a good way of adding fresh content and as a means of communicating and interacting with their customers and there is a whole host of information available 'out there' as to the pros and cons of including a blog on your site.

Why you should have a blog as part of your small business website

  • Every time you load a blog post on your website you are adding to the content of your website and increasing the amount of information available about your business and your brand.
  • By engaging visitors with newsworthy content about your product and services or brand you are attracting them to your website and encouraging them to explore it further.
  • A new blog post is a great thing to share on various social media platforms and drive traffic to your website.
  • A blog gives you the opportunity to show a bit of personality and to include content that doesn't just rigidly promote your brand and products. People do business with people and a blog can be a less formal way of allowing your site's visitors to see a bit more about who is behind the product or services and the brand.
  • Adding a blog post about something new and exciting can be easier and quicker than updating the main content on your site. It gives you the opportunity to get the news out there immediately while it's still current in a news format rather than having to worry about the design implications of new content on your main website.

How often should you post on your blog

There are no hard and fast rules. Initially you will have no readers - harsh but true - and therefore there will be no expectations. So having written your first post spend a bit of time promoting it via social media or maybe even sending it via email to selected customers who may find it of benefit. Don't just mass mail it to everyone - people will get fed up with you. More on email marketing in another post!

Initially, posting a couple of times a month should suffice and try to be consistent. A visitor finding a blog whose most recent post is six months old, may well think that the rest of the website is out of date and not bother looking any further so your blog could be counter-productive in terms of increasing the profile of your website.

What should you blog about

Plan your strategy. Why are you doing it? Keep those goals in mind but have a bit of fun with it. Break your topics up into small blog sized posts. This post is now getting a bit long and could have been divided into separate posts about the frequency and the what as well as the why.

So enough said for now. Please leave your comments and check back again soon for the next post.

How often should you update your small business we...


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Sunday, 20 June 2021

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