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Web Design Tips To Improve Customer Experience


We live in a world where the expectations of customers have become higher than ever before. Everyone wants the best deals, the fastest service, and unmatched convenience when doing their shopping for products and services, online and otherwise.

Some people might say that customers today are quite spoiled, but they have every right to be. After all, the competition for the attention of customers is intensifying across all industries. That puts customers in a position where they can demand first-rate customer service at every turn in exchange for their patronage.

There’s also that little thing about customers being always right, which no amount of advanced technology or passage of time will ever change.

For entrepreneurs plying their wares online, the least they can do for people checking out their website is to provide them the best possible customer experience. Considering how empowered customers are today, keeping them happy as they’re contemplating giving you their business is exactly what you need to do not only to drive revenue to your company but also inspire loyalty to your brand.

Web design plays a vital role in providing customers an experience that will make them purchase what you have to offer not only once but over and over again. Great if your web design already has it covered, but if your website, as it stands today, currently provides little in the way of excellent customer experience, here are some tweaks you can do to rectify the situation.

Make navigation effortless and intuitive

One thing all customers have in common is they hate wasting their time, especially when a website’s bad navigation is causing them to lose those precious seconds. Bad website navigation, without a doubt, is equal to bad customer experience, which, in turn, directly leads to increased bounce rates.

Effortless and intuitive navigation is the key to great customer experience, so do what you can to make your website easier and more convenient for your customers to explore. Organizing all your navigational elements will help. So will creating drop-down menus, adding a search feature that actually works, and putting up anchored navigation bars. It may take a little effort on your part, but internal linking is good for your navigation as well.

Speed things up

Everyone wants fast internet connections, and of course, fast-loading pages. When you have the former but not the latter, then you may need to make some adjustments to your web design that will boost your page load speed.

It seemed like only yesterday when five seconds for a page to load was already considered fast. These days, even a page load speed of three seconds already wears the patience of users thin. It has to clock at two seconds or less, or your website will be seen as a slowpoke by customers’ standards.

Your hosting provider might be the reason your page load speed is slow, but to be sure, there are tweaks that you can make to your web design to speed things up.

If your web design uses too many graphics, maybe you can cut back on them and go for something simpler. Large images can make your site look stunning, but they can also make it a slow-loading one. So compress your images and optimize them so they won’t be as heavy. You can also minimize, or even do away with, the use of custom fonts, which can also bog your site down. You can do the same with sliders or carousels.

A simpler web design, especially one with lots of whitespace, can do a lot to make your pages load faster.

Set up a chatbot

Chatbots are the future of customer service, and that future is already here. More and more websites are setting up chatbots to assist customers with just about anything, from inquiries about products and services to dealing with issues about them.

Easy to use, chatbots are starting to become more popular among customers, if only for the fact that it provides customer service faster and doesn’t involve talking to a representative, which makes some people uncomfortable. While far from perfect the way it is now, chatbots have the potential to become the ultimate customer service that makes the customer experience infinitely better than ever before.

Make the buying process less tedious

Ecommerce websites have completely changed the way we all do business. Sometimes, however, one can’t help but feel frustrated with the very tedious checkout process many ecommerce websites are foisting on their customers. Some ecommerce sites have endless identity checks; others ask too many questions for comfort.

Considering how much money people are spending on your products or service, the least you can do is simplify the entire purchasing process for them. Tweak your web design and get rid of those parts that verify your customer’s identity over and over again. Do the same for fields that ask for too much information from customers. Even pop-ups that present more offers are annoying, so minimize their use as well.

Be mobile-friendly

Considering that there are billions of mobile users today, it’s not unreasonable to expect that most, if not all, websites today are mobile-friendly. However, for one reason or another, many websites have yet to take the step towards mobile-friendliness. If your site is one of them, then it’s time to switch to a responsive web design.

Having a responsive web design is your only chance to effectively reach billions of people who do most of their shopping on their phones and tablets. Without it, your content won’t display well on mobile devices, and mobile users aren’t likely to waste their time trying to make sense of it. They’ll just drop your site and move on to your more mobile-friendly competitor.

In a world where the voice of customers is getting louder than it has ever been in all of history, it’s in your best interest to do everything you can to enhance customer experience. Hopefully, the web design tips above can help you get started down that road.

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