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I love spending money, but I hate wasting it.  Having had a free website for 5 years, I talked with Ann on a number of occasions about the benefits of having it revamped by a professional.  Given that I always advise my clients to engage experts in areas in which they are not expert, I finally decided to take my own medicine and allow Web Design Unlimited to work their magic!  

Once I pressed the 'go' button, progress was swift and efficient.  Ann quickly grasped what I wanted, what I liked, what I didn't.  When I (hopefully gently) pointed out aspects or details that were not quite to my liking, my comments were taken not as criticisms, but as help to move us both towards the objective - a website that I like, that we both believe will increase my appeal to clients and therefore my revenue.

The finished product can be viewed at , but of course it's never finished!  There have already been tweaks and changes, and Ann has responded quickly to my requests adding in suggestions of her own - I find it worthy of note that I've taken up almost all of her suggestions.

I hope you like my site - I do.  And that's the important thing.  Web Design Unlimited gave me what I wanted.  What you want for your site may be very different, but I'm confident they can give you what you want.

And the money thing?  Not wasted, well spent.

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