Website Maintenance 

A website can very easily look a little tired so keeping your content up to date and more importantly relevant to your business as it grows should be a priority.

Your website content

You will need to consider keeping the content fresh and current. It's important that the facts stated are an accurate reflection of your business, but it's is also helpful to your ongoing SEO to regularly add fresh content to your website.

Aside from updating the main body of your website a good way to add more content is to start a blog. A blog allows you to regularly share information and updates with your customers and keep them informed of developments within your sector. It is also a great source of content for sharing on your social media channels. 

Your website CMS

Keeping your website software up to date is vitally important and a lot of small website owners think that their website will not be of interest to a hacker but any website can potentially be a target. Have a read of this blog post if you would like to understand why. All new websites that are developed by Web Design Unlimited will have a firewall installed and configured, but moving forwards you should consider how you are going to keep your site secure and your software up to date. Out of date software makes it easy for the hackers, especially once a security vulnerability has been fixed and announced by the developers. There are various options available and we would strongly advise a monthly plan where updates to the CMS and plugins are installed routinely. Failing that, ad-hoc upgrades can be implemented for a one off fee. Read more about specific website security maintenance here.

You may choose to manage the site yourself and we can support you with this. But, if you find you get too busy we are more than happy to step in either temporarily or on a more permanent basis via a maintenance contract. You decide.

What we advise is that you get the website live and then see how things naturally evolve.

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