We design and build websites. We like to keep things as straightforward as possible, so once we've received your initial enquiry and have had a chat with you, we will put everything in place to get your new website on line.

Of course we like you to be involved and it's your website so your input is important, but we do understand that you're probably busy running your business so we're also more than happy to just get on with it.

As part of our service we will also register your domain name and organise hosting with our preferred hosting provider.

We can also manage this on an ogoing basis for you and deal with renewals on your behalf, leaving you free to get on with running your business.

Search engine optimisation is an important part of the development of any new website.

Before we start work we will work with you to ensure that we have the necessary information to  fully optimise your website at the point of going live.

We can also undertake ongoing maintenance and advise on activity, both on site and off site, that you can take on yourself to help with getting your new website to rank on Google. We can of course provide these services for you if required.


We take the security of your website seriously and will make sure that at the time of going live your site is utilising the latest software and will have security administration tools installed.

We will of course always keep a backup of your site should you need to re-instate it for any reason.

Best practise advice is to keep your site software up to date at all times and this is something we can undertake for you on an ongoing monthly basis.

Once your website is live we will of course give you full administrator access so you will be able to make some changes yourself if you feel so inclined, but we understand that you're quite possibly very busy or completely horrified by the prospect of updating a website.

In which case we can undertake any edits for you either on an ad-hoc basis or under a maintenance agreeement.

As part of your new online presence you will probably need one or two email accounts. We can arrange the creation of any of these mailboxes for you and will provide you with the configuration details so that you can get them delivered to your email client, phone, tablet etc. 

We can manage your email marketing for you. With our background in database development we are very well placed to manage your contact list on your behalf and the rest is easy. Simply send us your graphics and some wording (we can help with this) and we'll do the rest.

We can advise on the best channels for your small business. We will also create your profiles and get you started, fully integrating with your website and blog. We've also got some useful contacts if you're looking for someone to manage your social media full time.

Take a look at our blog to give you an idea.

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